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LED Brake Lights, Turn Signals, and Parking Lights

By Voltage December 17, 2016 0 comments

LED lighting is definitely an easy upgrade for your Hot Rod or Muscle Car. Here are a few things that can make your install go smoothly.

1. Most LED Tail Lights and Turn Signals use the white wire as the ground. The Red Wire is usually the Brake Light and the Black Wire is usually the running light.

2. Check your wiring prior to installing and make sure there is 12 volts at the light socket.

3. Most LED Brake and Turn Signals require a LED Flasher to flash properly.  LED lights have a lower current than incandescent lights. Because of the lower current, LED lights cannot trip a stock Flasher.  A LED Flasher will trip with the lower current and will allow the LED Brake Lights/ Turn Signals to flash. If you are using a combination of LED and incandescent lighting (i.e. LED Brake lights and incandescent turn signals on the front of the vehicle) a LED flasher may or may not be required.

4. LED Lights are very sensitive to polarity.  Some vehicles’ have reversed polarity at the flasher socket.  The polarity at the socket can easily be tested using a voltmeter.  If you don’t know how to test the polarity or don’t want to, LED Flasher assemblies with a removable polarity reversing adapter are available (Part # 90652).

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